Analog Circuits and Their Applications

ISPACS-2016 Special Sessions: Analog Circuits and Their Applications

The rapid progress of IoT(Internet of Things) demands the evolution of integrated
circuits in many fields such as information system, health / biomedicine, and energy
management. Recent analog circuits and its integration technologies have made a great
contribution in these fields. Challenges toward enhanced functionality as well as excellent
performance of analog circuits, while keeping low power and low cost, are strongly
demanded for the next generation applications. In addition to pure analog circuit techniques,
the scope of this special section includes fundamental issues such as co-design of analog and
digital circuits, analog circuits in SoC environments, analog circuit design for
manufacturability (DFM) and testability (DFT), as well as device modeling technologies.


Prof. Hao San, Tokyo City University, Japan,


Prof. Fujihiko Matsumoto (National Defense Academy) Email: